The Stoma Group experience with renewable energy

Stoma Group S.p.a. is an international company known worldwide for the quality of its work and mechanical engineering. Founded in 1977, it has over 30 years of experience in the mechanical–metallurgical sector, establishing itself in the planning, construction and installation of turnkey plants in every sector of industry, with a particular specialization in the iron and steel sector. The business unit dedicated to the energy sector includes all of the activities related to the production of electricity from renewable sources and the search for alternatives to substitute fossil fuels, with the aim of safeguarding the environment.

Entirely designed and manufactured at the Massafra plant, the 60, 100 and 200 kW wind turbine generators built by STOMA offer the best technology available today in the wind power industry. Their design characteristics make these generators particularly productive for sites with a medium to low level of wind, but with high turbulence. The main structural components of all STOMA wind turbine generators are the large diameter three–bladed rotors which are able to ensure the production of electricity even with a 2.5 m/s wind speed and nominal power is achieved with a wind speed of 9.0 m/s (60 kW), 9.6 m/s (100 kW) and 9.4 m/s (200 kW). The aerodynamic nature of the rotors, composed of highly efficient blades with a reduced dimension support footprint, ensure low levels of noise when operating.

Right from the start of production of the Stoma wind turbines, MARRAFFA and VENPASUD have played an important role in facilitating the transportation and assembly at height of the towers, the blades and the basket, thereby accompanying the growth of the Stoma wind generator family.

Stoma’s mission is based on the costumer satisfaction, by providing them with highly technological machineries and great production capacity/efficiency. For this reason we rely on qualified and competent suppliers such as Marraffa srl and Venpasud srl, especially when assembling overhead in arduous conditions.