School and work activities: the Marraffa-Werent Group with Transport and Logistics students

This year also marks the launch of a Summer School to offer young graduates a training opportunity

When it comes to safety in the workplace, there is no better investment than in people. Technologies, devices and equipment evolve over time, increase and contribute to improving working conditions.

What distinguishes the Marraffa-Werent Group is its investment in people, aimed at building highly specialised professional profiles capable of representing the company’s true know-how. It is a demanding, expensive and extremely tiring investment, but it is the best that can be made, because it is the most durable as well as the most reliable.

These are the objectives of the ITUS Academy, a permanent training school created to meet both the training needs of internal staff and for training courses open to individuals from outside the organisation. The ITUS Academy has a team of in-house instructors and makes use of the manufacturers of the machines themselves for the specific technical training concerning the correct operation and maintenance of the company’s fleet of vehicles. In addition, in-house instructors provide training for workers aimed at obtaining authorisation to drive the various types of company vehicles, as required by Legislative Decree 81/2008, with the involvement of company technicians of certified professionalism.

For some years now, we have also had an agreement with the IISS Leonardo Da Vinci of Martina Franca (Ta). This year the project was aimed at students in the fourth year of the Transport and Logistics course, and its main purpose was to train future Transport and Logistics Technicians, by means of an alternating school-work path with respect to what the students learned in the school environment. The theme of this school year was Safety and Security in the workplace.

Classroom and field activities that also included a specific course on the use of forklifts.

The project is characterised by a strong educational value and is part of the overall process of building the personality in order to train and guide the professionals of tomorrow, but more importantly the person and citizen of today, thus promoting the interaction between classroom activities and direct experience in the workplace, where the entire school community, in particular students and teachers, consolidate knowledge, skills and competences and acquire new ones.

In addition to all this, from this year the ITUS Academy Summer School will be held for 5 new graduates who will have the opportunity to study various topics in detail, with training modules in the classroom and on the job.